Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quiet Saturday

I'm enjoying being home and sleeping in my own bed! The home care nurses have been out twice, the wound vac is sucking it's little computer out, and the antibiotics are not making me sick! They're guessing 3=4 weeks needed to close the incision/wound. I'm trying to stay up more during the day, in the recliner, so that I'm actually tired at night and sleep better.

Today is Jim and Sharon's 11th anniversary! Where did that time go? We love you both and hope
you have a great day, and many more anniversaries.

Frank tore his hamstring playing baseball, so he's home for a while. Ralph promises to go visit him and keep him company.

I'm reading a really good new book,Caught by Harlan Coben. He's a NJ author who sets his thrillers/mysteries in North jersey.

The quest for a recliner continues! Today Ralph went to The Dump, but they didn't have the one in the ad, and we don't want a swivel one. I finally convinced Ralph that I just want a big squishy recliner. I found one in the Big Lots ad, where Mom has been telling him to check for 2 weeks now. She lent us a small one, but I want a more comfy one. Who would have thought that buying a recliner would be such an ordeal!

I got the new Quilt Sampler and the new Fabric Trends from equilter, so at least I can look a pics of quilts. I haven't sewed a stitch since mid March, and look forward to being able to stand and cut fabric, hopefully in another couple of weeks. I'm taking that as I sign that I'm healing, that I even am thinkig about sewing!

And now I'm off to bed with my book!


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