Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost, lost, lost

The series finale! Ralph is dvr-ing it, and has it on. He started late, so he can skip commercials. I watched the first couple of seasons, then Lost lost me. I'm half watching it, half playing on the laptop.

It was a chilly day. I started out not feeling good, so I went back to bed til 11, then got and stayed up til 6. Sat in the borrowed recliner and read and watched TV and talked on the phone, while the wound vac burped away and healing (hopefully) is going on. Boring! The high point of the day was Steph's fly thru visit to bring me soup from Panera Bread.

So it's day 5 of me being home. I'm either over 2 weeks postop, or 5 days post vac placement. I can sit fine in the recliner, but not on a traditional chair. I can walk short distances. Tomorrow the goal is to start doing walking in the long hallway of our house. I need to start rebuilding my strength, and that seems to be a gentle way to do it.

I finished Caught last night. Coben's books always have layers to them, and can get confusing. Now I've moved on the the new China Bayle's book, Holly Blues by Susuan Wittig Albert. Her books always have a nice flow to them.

And tomorrow is another day.

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