Friday, September 25, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane!

Steph and I are getting picked up by Rapid Rover at 0600 for our 0830 flight to Charlotte. Manda gets in within 5 minutes of us (if all goes well) and Heather will pick us up. Wednesday was Eddie's birthday, so we're going down to help him celebrate!

I can't believe Eddie is 6! Where did that time go? He's in first grade, and joined gymnastics and cub scouts. I'm taking the camera, of course, and if I can get him to stand still long enough, I'll get new pix of him.

We'll be back Monday evening.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Ralph

Today is Ralph's 61st Birthday! That means he has 364 days, and a max of 104 workdays, til he can retire! He is so looking forward to retirement, or to not working where he works.

He celebrated by having the tree guy out to remove two trees that the roots are interefering with our garage. Last night Steph and I took him out to dinner to the Cheesecake Factory.

He got a beautiful day for his birthday- it's in the upper 70's and clear.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Accupuncture went great! Dr. Cheng wants me to come in once a week for 3-4 weeks, then maybe once every month to six weeks, as needed. Cost a whole $30 per session. On the cruise, it was over $100! My knee felt so good when I came out of there! Who would have ever thought!

Week 2 of school is over- Friday was Day 9. I'm on the attendance team, so we count down the first 10 days- day 11 is when the Nonentered list comes out, and we can cross those kids off the list. Some schools actually let them enter without them getting a transfer card from us.

Today Ralph and I went to a community yard sale. I got Julianna a cute winter coat, a snowsuit, a pair of jeans and a sweatsuit- $12 total! Even if she only wears the winter coats a few time, it'll be worth it.

Then we went to the Amish Market, and got chicken croquettes and twice baked potatoes and rice pudding for dinner. Mom had given me a shopping list, so we got her stuff. On the way back, a group was selling hoagies by the Wawa, so we got hoagies for us and Mom for lunch.

This afternoon, Ralph did some shredding and I took a nap.

Next weekend, Steph and I are flying into Charlotte, and Manda gets in within five minutes of us. Heather will pick us up, and we'll be there til Monday afternoon. My school is closed for the Jewish holiday, and Manda and Steph took a vacation day. Eddie's birthday is this week, so we wanted to see him close to his birthday. I can't believe he'll be 6!

On a quilting note, I did none this week! I didn't even go into the sewing room, except to hem a pair of pants for Steph.

Arrgghh! Avast!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday again!

We have a weekend visitor! Steph had to go to north jersey yesterday, and has Phillies tickets for tonight (we're not sure how she came by the "go to sports games" gene) so Toast came to visit. Ralph is working, so she's my companion.
I've been working on Eddie's afghan while catching up on Criminal Minds on DVD. It's just double crochet, picking up the back loops so it has some texture to it. Mindless crocheting.
Last week I spent a lot of time cutting up fabric to make a square in a square throw for Manda and Ben. The fabric is all wedding themed. I haven't had the urge to start sewing it together.

Today is Mikey's birthday! Happy 25th to Mikey! You're now old enough to rent a car! He's in Orlando, in school to learn to repair Harley's. He'll be done the 15 month class on Oct 30. He's been homesick the whole time, and can't wait to get back. He goes to John and Morgan's a lot, for family time, and Morgan's cooking. Jake can't wait for his big brother to get home!

I've gotten addicted to the message boards at I've learned a lot about what to look for in our next cruise.

Week one of school is done! I've got the place pretty organized, and have already emailed for some records. And Tuesday is our first payday, always a good thing!

When we were in Ketchikan, we rode the free bus around the town. The driver was a woman who said she has 163 Mondays left til she retires. I don't know that I'm ready to start counting Mondays yet. Ralph has one year and one week til he can retire from the ER, and it can't come soon enough. Here's a political statement- the ER should be able to turn away people with complaints like "I've had a runny nose for 3 weeks, and been to two other ER's, and no one can fix it."

I see the local accupuncturist on Tuesday after work, and Wednesday is dinner with the nurses. Hopefully this week I'll get more on a schedule, and go to bed at a decent hour, so I don't need a nap when I get home!

And the beat goes on!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day!

Wow, the unofficial end of summer already! This summer just zipped on by. The weather was generally very nice, and we ran the air less than usual. Looking back, it was a busy summer. Ralph and I spent a week in North Carolina visiting Ed, Heather, Eddie and Julianna.

Then Steph, Manda and I were gone for 10 days to Seattle and Alaska. Two more states to add to our visited list, along with British Columbia. It's the first time I've been to the west coast, and I really enjoyed the entire trip.

When Steph and I got back, Ralph left for a week in the Poconos. It was his idea of a vacation- he took classes and got 3 more computer certifications. I can't in good conscience ask him to cruise with me (not that he would agree to) because I know he would absolutely hate it. Where the movement of the ship didn't bother me at all, he'd be constantly afraid of the boat sinking. Where we would sit and watch the water, or go to activities, he'd be bored to death. He doesn't do pools, either. The only parts he would like would be the meals and the shore excursions. So, as much as I'd love him to do a cruise with us, it just ain't going to happen. Sigh.

So school starts for the kids tomorrow, and I get right back into the work routine. By the end of the week, it'll be like summer never happened. The Health Dept was in talking about the H1N1 (swine) flu, and it looks like they'll be coming into the schools to give the shots. Two shots (or nasal spray, it's not clear yet) three weeks apart. Parent consent will be required- more paperwork!

With us not having 5th grade anymore, and most of the grammar schools keeping their 6th graders, our numbers will be down to under 300! I've never had that few kids!

And on a quilting note, I've been cutting up fabric all weekend. There's a line of fabric that's all wedding themed, and I'm going to make a square-in-a-square throw for Manda and Ben. It'll definately be girly looking- a lot of pinks, light blues, wedding gowns and cakes on it. It should come out really cute. I should have another couple hours of cutting, then I can get to the sewing.

And the beat goes on!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Four days off- yay! We worked for 3 whole days, and now have four days off! Then on Tuesday the kids come in and we get right back into the routine. Six more years of this, counting this year, and then I can retire and move to NC.

Ralph is off all weekend also, and we have no plans. He's got some tinkering around here to do, and I'll spend some time in the sewing room, but there's no place we have to go and nothing we have to do- Yay!

Manda and Ben are going to Denver for the long weekend. Ben's parents have a time share week there, so Manda and Ben are visiting. Heather and Ed are hanging out with Eddie and Julianna. Steph is hanging out with friends.

Down time is good. Manda, Ben, and Steph have all started their fall semesters at college, in addition to working full time. It makes for a busy life!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's September!

We have September birthdays! Linda G, who went on the cruise with us, is September 3. Sept 9 is niece Sharon and friend Barbara. Mikey will be 25 on the 13th, Ralph's is on the 21st, and Eddie will be 6 on the 23rd! Pat's on the 15th.

Staff started back to school yesterday. Morning meetings, followed by time to set up offices and classrooms in the afternoon. More meetings today and tomorrow, and the kids come in on Tuesday. At least we're having cooler weather, so it feels like school weather. Traffic on the interstate was it's usual ridiculous self.

Steph and I joined Future Fitness. I want to do water aerobics, and she wants to do everything! I went once last week, and also swam in a friend's pool. This hasn't been a good week so far- to the attorney's office with Sam and Lou on Monday, worked yesterday (and went to bed at 9 pm!). Tonight there is no aerobics class, and tomorrow I have a doctor's appt. So it may be Friday before I can get to FF.

And now I have to get dressed and head to work!