Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Four days off- yay! We worked for 3 whole days, and now have four days off! Then on Tuesday the kids come in and we get right back into the routine. Six more years of this, counting this year, and then I can retire and move to NC.

Ralph is off all weekend also, and we have no plans. He's got some tinkering around here to do, and I'll spend some time in the sewing room, but there's no place we have to go and nothing we have to do- Yay!

Manda and Ben are going to Denver for the long weekend. Ben's parents have a time share week there, so Manda and Ben are visiting. Heather and Ed are hanging out with Eddie and Julianna. Steph is hanging out with friends.

Down time is good. Manda, Ben, and Steph have all started their fall semesters at college, in addition to working full time. It makes for a busy life!


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