Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Accupuncture went great! Dr. Cheng wants me to come in once a week for 3-4 weeks, then maybe once every month to six weeks, as needed. Cost a whole $30 per session. On the cruise, it was over $100! My knee felt so good when I came out of there! Who would have ever thought!

Week 2 of school is over- Friday was Day 9. I'm on the attendance team, so we count down the first 10 days- day 11 is when the Nonentered list comes out, and we can cross those kids off the list. Some schools actually let them enter without them getting a transfer card from us.

Today Ralph and I went to a community yard sale. I got Julianna a cute winter coat, a snowsuit, a pair of jeans and a sweatsuit- $12 total! Even if she only wears the winter coats a few time, it'll be worth it.

Then we went to the Amish Market, and got chicken croquettes and twice baked potatoes and rice pudding for dinner. Mom had given me a shopping list, so we got her stuff. On the way back, a group was selling hoagies by the Wawa, so we got hoagies for us and Mom for lunch.

This afternoon, Ralph did some shredding and I took a nap.

Next weekend, Steph and I are flying into Charlotte, and Manda gets in within five minutes of us. Heather will pick us up, and we'll be there til Monday afternoon. My school is closed for the Jewish holiday, and Manda and Steph took a vacation day. Eddie's birthday is this week, so we wanted to see him close to his birthday. I can't believe he'll be 6!

On a quilting note, I did none this week! I didn't even go into the sewing room, except to hem a pair of pants for Steph.

Arrgghh! Avast!


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