Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday again!

We have a weekend visitor! Steph had to go to north jersey yesterday, and has Phillies tickets for tonight (we're not sure how she came by the "go to sports games" gene) so Toast came to visit. Ralph is working, so she's my companion.
I've been working on Eddie's afghan while catching up on Criminal Minds on DVD. It's just double crochet, picking up the back loops so it has some texture to it. Mindless crocheting.
Last week I spent a lot of time cutting up fabric to make a square in a square throw for Manda and Ben. The fabric is all wedding themed. I haven't had the urge to start sewing it together.

Today is Mikey's birthday! Happy 25th to Mikey! You're now old enough to rent a car! He's in Orlando, in school to learn to repair Harley's. He'll be done the 15 month class on Oct 30. He's been homesick the whole time, and can't wait to get back. He goes to John and Morgan's a lot, for family time, and Morgan's cooking. Jake can't wait for his big brother to get home!

I've gotten addicted to the message boards at I've learned a lot about what to look for in our next cruise.

Week one of school is done! I've got the place pretty organized, and have already emailed for some records. And Tuesday is our first payday, always a good thing!

When we were in Ketchikan, we rode the free bus around the town. The driver was a woman who said she has 163 Mondays left til she retires. I don't know that I'm ready to start counting Mondays yet. Ralph has one year and one week til he can retire from the ER, and it can't come soon enough. Here's a political statement- the ER should be able to turn away people with complaints like "I've had a runny nose for 3 weeks, and been to two other ER's, and no one can fix it."

I see the local accupuncturist on Tuesday after work, and Wednesday is dinner with the nurses. Hopefully this week I'll get more on a schedule, and go to bed at a decent hour, so I don't need a nap when I get home!

And the beat goes on!


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