Saturday, February 9, 2008


Finally the weekend! Not that I accomplished anything. I went to bed really early last night, so I was up early today. I finally got caught up on reading my email. then I took a nap. Ralph and I went out to dinner with Steph and Jay, as an early birthday/Valentine. Having a birthday the day before Valentine's Day means not going out on the day, because of the crowds.

Steph and her friends are going to British Columbia on a ski club trip for a week. The plane leaves at 6. a.m. tomorrow, which means I get up at 3.30 to drive them to the airport. I figure I'll be back home in bed by 5 a.m.

Ralph and I will be dog sitting for our grand-dog Toast all week. She's a little 10 lb long haired mini dachshund. She's a cuddler, and just so sweet. She had some spine issues last year, but is well maintained on meds. She's not allowed to do steps, so taking her outside involves carrying her down and up the steps. She actually sleeps under the covers with us.

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