Thursday, February 2, 2017


I've been retired for 6 months, and have never been busier! I considered stopping the blog, but I enjoy doing it, so my goal is to post more often. Easy goal to keep!
This is one of the things keeping me busy! Lakeside Cabin, counted cross stitch. I'm enjoying it, but it's a lot of stitches!
We had a snow squall the other evening, that reduced visibility a lot, and dumped about a half inch in a half hour. 
I got bored with my plain green comforter and got this one. I had to buy more pillows for the shams, and have to take another picture. Ralph, being a guy, doesn't get the concept of shams and decorative pillows. Heather could never have this comforter, because it's asymmetrical. I think it makes a nice change.

I got Ralph an echo dot for Christmas. Alexa is very handy when we need to spell a word! She's also great for getting weather reports. 

Cookie Swap is trying to get together every month. Last month we went to the Franklinville Inn, which was very nice but pricey. This month we're going to a pizzeria to make up for it! 

I've got a lousy head cold, and I'm hoping it runs it's course soon. I have things to do!
I watched The West Wing on Netflix. Fantastic show! Now I'm watching Madame Secretary, which is also fabulous. 

So we'll see how well I do keeping up with the blog!


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