Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February is ending!

February as been so warm! We had a few nights when we slept with the windows open, then it got cold, then today it was 60! Strange!
 Lakeside Cabin is now finished! I can't get the pic of the finished project to come up in my pix. I'm taking it to AC Moore tomorrow to get it framed. 

Ralph has a terrible cold, and is trying to rest. He sounds terrible. 

I got the new JD Robb, Echoes in Death, at the library today. I also have the yarn all ready to start Amary's poncho. I ripped out the first 3 rows about ten times! And that was after watching the video! 

I've also got my next counted cross stitch project picked out. But I want to get the poncho going well, and the afghan for the farm fair started before I start another cross stitch.

I'm on several facebook groups, for quilting, cross stitch, and crocheting. Some of the people have 50+ projects started! There's no way I could do that, I'd get totally confused.

I did 3+ miles on the bike yesterday. I start the exercise playlist on the iPad, and off I go! 

So life is chugging along nicely!

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