Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Retirement is wonderful, and I've been so busy! The summer was really way too hot. In August, Ralph caught bronchitis, and was too sick to go on the Alaskan cruise. My first instinct was to stay home with him, and I should have done that. But he was so insistent that I go, so I did. I had a wonderful time. 

We were on the Explorer of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship.

Alaska was amazing. Our group was Steph and Dan, Ben, Manda, Amary and Garrett, me, and Polly and Randy. We did things together, and we did things in smaller groups. 

Skagway was so cool! We took a train ride up 2200 feet! Then we toured the town, most of which is part of a national park, so they have to keep the old west look. 

All to soon the week was over, and we were back to Seattle. I stayed a day at Manda's, and flew home Sunday. Much as I love to travel, it was good to be home!


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