Friday, January 15, 2016


It's Friday, payday, and the beginning of a three day weekend! Yay!

Monday I worked. Tuesday I had a professional day, and Ralph and I went to an inservice about Gang Awareness. It was interesting to learn about the Crips and the Bloods and all the offshoots of them. It was also a little scary to hear how the gangs have a presence in south jersey.

Tuesday night I started to feel really lousy, and I was up a lot of the night. I called out sick on Wednesday, and slept all day. Thursday I went to work. After work was the memorial service for Vena, the nurse that died last week. It was at the school she worked in, and was very nicely done. The music teacher there sang "Fire and Rain." Some poems were read. 

Ralph has never been able to have chicken pot pie, because it always has peas in it. I made one tonight for dinner, and he made a huge dent in it- a success!

I just finished the new Michael Connelly book about Harry Bosch, titled The Crossing. Fantastic book, as are all of his. 

Still working on the temperature afghan, which is a long term project. 

And it's a three day weekend!

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