Sunday, January 10, 2016

Another weekend going by too fast!

It was a strange week. Work Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday for Three Kings Day. And Wednesday morning, one of the other nurses in the district that I work in, didn't wake up. I'd describe her as a casual friend, someone who's company I enjoyed, but I only saw her at work functions. But a healthy woman in her mid 50's just not waking up? It's just too weird. Since we're nurses, we've been speculating of whether there will be an autopsy, and possible causes of death. No one suspects foul play, we're just curious. We may never know. But it's changed my definition of a good day- now, a good day is one where we both wake up. 

Here's a picture from two years ago, right before Steph and Dan moved to Oregon. We were at Heather's house for Christmas dinner. 

This was our front yard for Christmas- yes, Ralph is somewhat deranged. He bought two deer kids, and as he puts it, "Voided the warranty on one." Consensus is that it is awesome.

I'm still working on my temperature afghan. I was wrong about the number of people in the facebook group, it's 7000 from all over the world! 

I'm reading a Sherryl Woods book in her Chesapeake Shores series. It's going fast. 

Every week or so, I send Amary a book via Amazon. Of course, she's now decided that all packages that come to the door are for her, and are books from Grammy. It's hard being a long distance Grammy, but Amazon is aiding and abetting me!

Garret is such a doll! He'll be 5 months old this week! He's got such a mohawk going- how adorable is that. 

I've joined some cross stitch groups on facebook. I have the urge to get back into that. And once I retire, and don't have to be away from home about 50 hours a week, I can indulge my hobbies more often! Six months to go!



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