Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I'm here! I'm not sure what happened at the end of 2015, never managed to get a post written. 

In 2015 I used 18.96 pounds of yarn, and read 138 books. Fabric is a sad story- I used 2 yards or so for Garrett's quilt, and about 2 yards of felt for Amary's and Garrett's Christmas trees for on the wall.
 This is one thing that's been keeping me busy, my temperature afghan. I started it on Sept 1 to chronicle my last school year at work. I have a chart where I made a gradient by 5 degree intervals which correspond to temperatures. Red is the hottest. Gray variegated means rain, and white will mean snow. I use the temp in my town at noon every day. There's a Facebrook group for the Temp Afghan group, with about 1000 people on it. There's some interesting interpretations of the task, some of which make me cringe, but everyone to their own. 

 Amary and Garrett had a fun Christmas! We facetimed with them a few days after Xmas. I can't believe how big he's gotten! And to hear him giggle is such a joy. And to have Amary tell us Merry Christmas is just wonderful. 

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Heather and Ed's. Eddie and Julianna had such a good time opening gifts! Ed's parents came up from Fla for the holiday, so it was good to see them also. 

Christmas morning we had here, with Mom, Mike and Donna, Jake, Mikey and Sam. I made two breakfast casseroles, and they brought the meats and Donna made a wonderful cranberry cake. 

Christmas night we went to Jim and Sharon's for dinner, along with Frank and Charlotte, Charlotte's mom and brother, Kevin, and David and Juliette and Tori came along after dinner. We had such a nice visit with all. It was a busy day, but wonderful. 

And now it's 2016!

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