Sunday, June 7, 2015

June is here!

May seemed to go on forever! Last week was a busy week for us. Work, of course. Monday night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner because they were doing a fundraiser for Wounded Warriors. Tuesday we drove 45 minutes for a retirement "dinner" for someone Ralph worked with in the ER. No dinner, just appetizers and a cash bar. Not even water on the tables. And 90% of the appetizers were fish or shellfish. So I had to eat when we got home. 

Ralph had a wonderful time visiting with his former co-workers. I was sitting for a few women who were recently retired or planning retirement, so I was in good company. 

Wednesday was relax night. Thursday was the District School Nurses retirement dinner. I don't usually go, but my close friend Barbara is retiring. It was at an Italian (this is Jersey, is there any other kind) restaurant. The supervisor did a Letterman type top 10 list of things Barbara will be happy to never hear again. #1 was "When is Holly retiring". People want my office with the window, and the small number of kids. Most of them don't realize the amount of time I spend doing special projects for my supervisor and Barbara. 

Ralph put together my first fabric cabinet, and we rearranged some things in the guest room, so I emptied several totes into the cabinet. It's going to look great when we're done. The second cabinet is here, he just has to put it together. 

And it's almost time to go to lunch!


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