Saturday, May 30, 2015

May is ending

It's been hot all week, and we've had the AC on. Ralph overdid it, and his left foot is hurting so much that he's using the cane and the walker. Seems to be tendon related rather than a fracture. He has a doc appointment Monday, and we're betting that he ends up in a boot.

We had our 43rd anniversary this week! We had a quiet day, and made burgers at  home for a celebratory dinner. 

Ben's sister Becca married her love Brandon yesterday, with Manda and Ben in the wedding, and Amary looking adorable in a yellow dress. The wedding was in Nebraska. I'm sure Polly and Randy are having a terrific time with Amary.

I'm totally caught up with books by both Kellerman's, Jonathan and Faye. I think I like Faye's books a little more. 

Ralph's foot hurts so much that I went to the grocery store by myself this morning. At 9 a.m., there was hardly anyone in the store, which is great. 

Ralph liked his tiny George Foreman grill so much that he bought the next size up, which does 4 burgers at once. With just the two of us, he may put away the propane grill. 

Four more weeks of school!


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