Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mid May

Oops, forgot to do any entries for the last two weeks! No reason, just didn't get to it. 

I quilted a quilt for the first time in two years! I did the farm fair quilt for Barbara. It was fun, but I'm way out of practice. An HQ retreat is on my to do list for after I retire. 

Mike took us all to Scotland Run for a Mother's Day buffet. It was really nice. I gave Mom a bag of candy bars, nuts, and assorted candy. The Tuesday after, Heather and the kids came up and we had pizza. The kids were having fun. 

I have one more Jonathan Kellerman, and I'll be up to date with his books. Next I'll catch up on Faye Kellerman's. 

I'll see Jean this week and give her the latest crop of hats. I've started an afghan for Baby Boy. Amary will be 22 months old this week! 

We had a hot spell, then a gorgeous spell, now we're on our way to a rainy spell. 


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