Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain

and worse, it's freezing rain! We had planned to meet a group of Cooper people for brunch today, but I was on facebook and saw that the rain is icy rain. It's so bad that all the bridges are closed! All of them- The Barry, Whitman, Franklin, Ross, Tacony and Burlington-Bristol! I don't ever remember that happening before. Terrible accidents on the interstates. So we are in, possibly all day. 

Last night I finished #90 of the 100 angels that are part of my yearly goal! I hope to do the last 10 today. Then I'll rip apart mom's leg warmers, which turned out way to big, and redo them.

We think tonight's dinner will be lasagna from the freezer. A good dinner which also warms up the kitchen from the oven being on- a win win situation. 

I'm reading another new to me author, Sarah Morgan. I'm on the last of a trilogy about the O'Neil family, and enjoying it. 

We picked up Moose from the spa yesterday, all cleaned and oiled inside. Even though I'm not in sewing mode at the moment, it's good to have her here all set up and ready to go. 

And the beat goes on!

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