Wednesday, January 14, 2015


What a week so far! Sunday night the weather hysterics called for icy conditions. Monday morning I got up and checked the outside temp, which was 34. The back driveway looked wet. I took two steps away from the stairs, and the next thing I knew I was flat on my face on the ground! I yelled, and Ralph came running out in his bare feet. He was slipping trying to help me up. Finally he kind of towed me over to the steps, and I was able to roll over and get my feet under me and get up. I was soaked to the skin! My very expensive knees were OK, just sore superficially. I took the fall as an omen and called out from work. 

Later that morning Ralph had a dentist appointment, to get 3 implants for a bridge. He came home swollen and sore. We laid low all day. Tuesday morning he walked me to the garage. 

He's starting to feel better now, and my legs are less achey. Tonight I went to a county school nurses' meeting, to hear a very boring speaker. 

I'm still working on my angels, snowflakes and bells. I have 58 angels made, 44 snowflakes, and 30 bells. 

The Xmas tree is down and stored downstairs, but I have to put away the rest of Christmas. 

And that's midweek here!

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