Sunday, April 28, 2013


I saw ortho Friday. I was already to book my other knee replacement surgery. I had talked to Aetna, and they said a waiver was possible. But Mrs. Parker, the surgical scheduler, told me the rest of the story. A waiver is possible, if I had out of network benefits, which I don't. And I'd be stuck with a several thousand dollar balance! And Dr. M. only usually operates out of Kennedy. Mrs. P said she keeps hearing rumors, and they all have the date of May 31, so maybe something will change. 

So it looks like no new knee before the arrival of Baby Girl. The other possibility is having it done when I get back from WA, and missing the beginning of the school year. If Aetna and Kennedy have made up. The xrays look awful, bone on bone, and don't reflect the pain that I'm having right now. So I'm in a waiting pattern, and Mrs. P will call me when she hears something concrete. 

Barbara was down yesterday afternoon, and she quilted this year's Farm Fair Raffle Quilt. So that's two baby quilts and a full sized quilt that went up on the HQ this month! I'm getting more comfortable using the big machine.

Today I'm making crockpot lasagna, which will also serve us tomorrow. Manda told me how to make pulled pork in the crockpot, so I got the shoulder roast and that can cook all day Tuesday. Yesterday Ralph made hot dogs on the new grill, and we had potato and macaroni salad with them. 

I talked to my friend Pat on the phone yesterday. We hadn't talked in a while, but we always pick up liked we'd talked to each other 5 minutes before. 

Mom Florence has fallen twice this week, with (knock wood) no injury. She said she had a good time at the shower last week, but we can tell that she can't tell which of her granddaughters is which, with the possible exception of Manda. 

Manda and Ben had settlement on their house! From the pictures, it looks really nice, and will be a great place for Baby Girl to arrive. Next weekend they go to Nebraska to a midwestern baby shower, then Manda's flying days are over for a bit. 

April is almost over. I've read 12 books this month, only 2 on the kindle. The rest were from the library. I put together and quilted the two baby quilts, and I made six oversized receiving blankets for Baby Girl. 

Sly and Tina are settled in. It'll be six weeks tomorrow since they came to live here. They love the basement and the porch, and Tina jumps on Ralph the minute he sits down. Sly is starting to sleep with us occasionally. Marco emailed Ralph that Tina never sat on his lap! I'm sorry Marco had to give up his cats, but they sure got the better of the deal! 

And the beat goes on!

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