Sunday, April 21, 2013


It was such a nice weekend, and it went by entirely too fast. Friday evening Ben and Manda arrived at Philly Airport. Steph and Dan picked them up and whisked them off to look at a wedding venue that is being considered. I was talking to Mom on the phone when I heard giggling in the kitchen, so I knew they arrived. We called John, who was also up for a long weekend, so he could come see them. 

We stayed up late talking and visiting. Manda is almost 29 weeks pregnant, and looks adorable. The reason they came to Jersey was for the baby shower we were giving them. 

Saturday morning Ralph and I went to get the cake, and then Ralph went to get his mom. I drove the cake, Ben and Manda to the shower. It was at Masso's Red Pine Inn in Glassboro. Heather and Steph had done some decorating, and arranged some games. 

After everyone got there, the buffet was opened up. The food never disappoints at Masso's. After we ate, one game was played, and the gifts started being opened. Everyone had been asked to give a book instead of a card, and they got a wonderful selection of books. They got beautiful gifts, and a lot of gift cards. Our family and friends are practical, and anything large was either shipped to them, or they were given a picture of it and a gift card or check. 

Halfway thru the gifts they took a break, and the cake was cut. The rest of the gifts were opened and admired, and another game was played. More visiting and table hopping, and then it was over!

Steph and Dan, Heather and Julianna, and Mom and John came back to our house to eat leftover shower food and admire the gifts. A lot of the gifts were able to be packed in Manda's suitcase and the Vera Bradley diaper bag that Pat sent her. 

After everyone else left, Ben, Manda and I stayed up til after midnight. Manda is very concerned about Kitten, who is 18 and in declining health, and we talked about that., and about the house they are buying. 

This morning more leftovers were eaten, and Ralph brought Mom Florence over for meatballs. Then Dan and Steph picked up the parents to be and they went for a walk at Paintworks and then got lunch. Manda was in need of a panzarotti, and the rest got sandwiches. All too soon it was time for them to pack up and head out. They are in the air right now on the way back to Sea-Tac Airport. 

It's been a long while since I cried when they've left, but I did today. Mill Creek is all the way across the country, and today I feel the distance. I'm so happy that they are buying a house, both have jobs, and Baby Girl will be arriving in July. I just miss them. Part of it is that we have no idea when they will be back. Baby Girl will be so little at Christmas that it's real doubtful that they'll want to travel with her. Plus a new house comes with a new mortgage, and flights aren't cheap. 

I'll be going out to pamper Manda after Baby Girl is born, so I'll see them in late July or early August. In the meantime I'll have plenty to keep me busy. 

And, sigh, tomorrow is Monday again.   

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I'm relatively sure they're going to be informed a variety of new stuff here than any one else!