Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Halfway thru January!

I have a bunch of blogs that I read regularly, and enjoy. Some of these women just quilt up a storm, and they make me feel like such a slacker. But then I stop to think. The most prolific quilters (and bloggers) are not employed outside the home, which means they have the time to quilt, not to mention blog every day with lots of pictures. 

I'm jealous of their time, but not their lives. They do a lot of community service, which I don't do. But as I've always told my children, you can have time, or you can have money. You can't have both. So for now I'll settle for money (not a huge amount, but enough to get by), and enjoy the knowledge that I'm contributing to a pension and social security, so I won't be eating cat food when I'm an old lady. 

My mojo is doing well! I bound a quilt that has been hanging around for quite a while. It's a belated retirement gift for a friend, and once it's given I'll try to post a pic. I have my wonderful new camera, and I have to sit down with Ralph and try to figure out how to post to here. It can't be that hard- I hope. 

I've been an active participant on the HGTV message boards for years- since July 2003, which is when I started learning to quilt. Every Friday I start a thread called Sew & Tell, where people tell us what they've finished, and what they're working on, and post pictures. Two weeks ago I started posting a companion thread called What are your crafty/quilty goals this week. It's turned out to be very popular, with people posting goals, then coming back and telling the rest of us if they met the goals. 

After a week of unseasonably warm temps, the weather is now rainy and chilly and raw. January reminding us who's boss here. 

And the beat goes on!

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Heather said...

we would never let you eat catfood!