Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Grief, it's September!

It's so humid out that it's like walking thru soup. I think we're supposed to get some rain, courtesy of Tropical Storm Isaac. The dogs are here, while Steph and Dan visit Manda and Ben. They've been really good so far. Ralph fenced off a big play area for them, so we don't have to take them on the leashes, they can just wander. Whiskey loves to just lay in the grass in the sun, and Toast wanders like a tourist. 

My pedicure left me with a little infection of my toe- I remember her saying there was an area that was ingrown, and she clipped it. I saw my family doc on Friday, and because of the new knee, he put me on an antibiotic for 5 days. It's looking a lot better today. 

August was a reading month- I read 23 books, all on the Nook or Kindle! I haven't read a physical book since June. 

September has birthdays! Linda G is the 3rd, her sister Pat is the 15, Eddie will be 9 on the 23, and Ralph is the 21st. Roseanne is the 6th, and Barbara and Sharon are on the 9th. Mikey is the 13th.

Heather, Ed and the kids brought Honey Rose up to meet her cousins yesterday. We were laughing trying to take pix, because no one stood still for two seconds! We took them outside to play. Toast didn't want to be bothered, so Ralph held her. Honey was jump on Whiskey, then take off running, with him chasing her. There was some wrestling, and a lot of falling down. Then she was trying to stand in the water dish. After a half hour, all the dogs were exhausted. 

We had dinner at the home of our friends Barbara and John last night. Their PC is at death's door, and they got a laptop, so Ralph hooked up a wireless router for them, and they fed us. A great bargain for all concerned! Their yellow lab, Chloe looks the way Honey will in a couple of months. We had a nice visit and sympathized with each other about having to return to work on Tuesday. 

We skyped with Manda and Steph last night, while they were waiting for Dan and Ben to get back from the PAX con, where they were geeking out. Steph wanted to see the dogs, and she confused Whiskey- he kept looking around for her. 

I went thru a huge stack of catalogs and magazines, and pulled out a few patterns. Heather took the cooking magazines, which she'll read and then take to work. I took the quilting magazines to Barbara, and the catalogs can be recycled. 

And the beat goes on!

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