Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Sunday morning

Good grief, I can't believe I've gone so long without posting! School has started, and I'm back into the work routine. Getting up at 6.30 is the hardest part of the day. The kids at school are wonderful, and I really enjoy them. The staff is pleasant, our teacher in charge is an angel, and the physical plant is very nice. 

Last Monday I started feeling lousy, and coughing and congested. I called out from work Tuesday, and made a doctor appt. I already had a routine ortho followup visit scheduled. I was so short of breath that I asked Ralph to drive me! Ortho was concerned about a PE, and was glad I was on the way to medicine. He was happy with my knee progress. 

Dr. Furey didn't see any signs of a PE, and diagnosed me with viral bronchitis. He ordered robitussin DM, fluids, and rest, and stay home. Tuesday night and Wednesday passed in a blur of sleeping and not eating. By Thursday night, my friend Barbara could here me wheeze on the phone, and ordered me to call the doc. I did, and he sent me for a chest xray, which was negative. He had me take a hit of Ralph's inhaler, which helped the wheeze. 

By mid afternoon Friday I was feeling like I might live after all. By Saturday morning I felt human, tho still tired. I hate that I used up 4 sick days on being sick, but I was so down for the count that I had no choice. 
I'm still tired today, but I know I'll make it to work tomorrow. 

And the beat goes on!

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