Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Sunday Again!

And I totally forgot to write a blog post last week!

I had my sleep study done Friday night. You show up, they wire you up like the Bride of Frankenstein, and tell you to go to sleep. I took my pillows with me, and did sleep. The tech said if a person is having bad sleep apnea, they wake them up and try a machine on them. That didn't happen, which I'm taking as a good sign. At 6 a.m. the tech woke me up, took all the wires off, and I was home by 6.30. They put electrodes on your scalp to measure brain waves, and the paste residue is best rinsed out with hot water, so I got a shower and went back to bed, in my own bed. 

No results from the synvisc yet, My insurance approved the MRI for measurements for the knee implant, and I have that tomorrow evening. 

It was a sad week. Uncle Pete passed away last Sunday. He and Aunt Dot had been married for 58 years, and have 3 wonderful sons and 5 grandsons. We didn't see them often, but when we did we were greeted warmly and made to feel at home. 

The funeral was Thursday, so I took a bereavement day and Ralph and I went with Mom Florence. Somehow I'd missed that Uncle Pete was a Navy Vet of WWII, and they did the flag ceremony at the end of the funeral. Hearing the mournful "Taps" played always makes me tear up, and think of my Dad. 

Mom Florence is failing. I had to point out to her which men were her nephews. She marvelled at how much Peter's mannerisms remind her of her later father. It was a long day for her. 

On a happier note, Dan got his eyeballs lasik'd on Friday. I haven't seen him without his glasses yet, but Steph says he looks dashing. Next weekend they leave for the Poconos to use Steph's timeshare week, so the pups will be spending the week here. Cliffie will not be happy. 

April is just about over. I only read 9 books in April, all from the library. That brings the yearly total up to 47 so far. 

Manda and Ben will move out of Seattle to their apartment in about 2 weeks. It will make Ben's commute much shorter, and they'll still be close to the city. 

Heather is loving day shift- she can live like a real person! Ed took Eddie to work with him for Take Your child to Work Day. It was a little boy's dream day- he was up 50 feet in the bucket of the truck, he climbed a ladder and pretended to be a victim and was rapelled down. They learned about safety when a wire is sparking, learned some first aid, planted some flowers, and had a catered breakfast. 

And the beat goes on!

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