Friday, April 6, 2012


I got the first injection of synvisc into my right knee yesterday after work. All I felt was the needlestick, and a little pressure. Ortho advised ice and babying the knee for a day or so. I iced and elevated. By bedtime, the knee hurt so bad that I could barely walk, even with the cane! I was up half the night with it hurting. 

By morning, it felt a lot better, but I'm taking it easy today. Ralph is making a grocery store run for me, to get the ingredients for my contributions for Easter dinner. I'm making mini crescent roll hot dogs, pineapple stuffing, a broccoli casserole, and of course Joseph's Trifle. Donna is making ham, and two lasagnas- meat and seafood. Mom is making her wonderful baked beans. 

Tuesday was my niece Naureen's birthday. Tomorrow would have been my Dad's birthday, and Ralph's Dad's would have been later this month. We also have anniversaries- Mike and Donna, and Frank and Charlotte. 

After borrowing my Nook for a week, Steph has ordered a Kindle touch. Ereaders are the greatest! Much as I love both my Nook and Kindle Fire, I have to recommend the Kindle, because of Amazon's fabulous customer service and website. BN's customer service stinks, and their website is so slow that I want to scream. My mom loves the Kindle DX that  lives at her house. With her arthritis, it's much easier for her to hold than a book. Her Kindle is on my account, so she has access to all of my books. 

We're off today and all next week for spring break- yay! I was asking a bunch of the kids yesterday, and they are all ready for a break. 

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my Dad's sudden death. It was the way to go. He spent the afternoon chasing squirrels, had dinner, and was gone by bedtime. We'll never stop missing him, but I'm so grateful that he didn't have a long, drawn out illness. He would have hated that. 

Ben starts his new job today in Everett, Washington. They've had a good first week, exploring Seattle. Manda found a yoga studio, and a yarn shop, so she's very happy. Some of their belongings will be delivered Monday, and hopefully their cars will arrive soon. 

And the beat goes on!

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