Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break!

Our district closes for the whole week after Easter. Always. No matter if we've had no snow days, or if we've had ten. No matter if we have to have school on Saturdays to make up snow days, we're still closed. There is a reason- hundreds of people in the district work twelve months a year, and the week off is what they want. Kids making up snow days- they don't care, they are there anyway. School going til June 30- same thing. Apparetnly, it ain't about the kids at all. 

So anyway, we were off all week. Good Friday Ralph did the food shopping for me. We went to Mike and Donna's for Easter dinner, which was fabulous. Ham, lasagna, other pastas- yum. Pineapple stuffing, other sides, salad, and lots of desserts. Good company.

Monday I was doing nothing, and went into afib. It wasn't real dramatic, as it usually is, so we decided to hold off on going to the ER. At the ER, I would get blood drawn, be on a moniter, and watched. So I just relaxed, and it broke after after 5 hours. So Monday I got nothing done.

Tuesday, Ralph went with me to DMV and I got my handicapped hangtag. I'm officially decrepit. We then went to lunch and the library.  Heather and the kids came up in the afternoon for a visit. Eddie and Julianna's school was only closed Monday and Tuesday for spring break, and they get out two weeks before my district.  Wednesday I went and got blood drawn, and went and got my haircut.

Thursday morning I went to the eye doctor, and found out that my tear ducts are partially blocked, and that's why my eyes have been bothering me. Easy fix, warm compresses. In the afternoon I went to ortho and got the second synvisc shot, and talked to the scheduler about a surgery date. I came home and iced the knee and relaxed, and it didn't hurt like the first shot.

Friday I took mom to the endodontist for an evaluation, then we picked up Ralph and went to Olive Garden for lunch. Later, we met Steph and Dan at the diner for dinner. 

So the main thing I accomplished this week was a whole lot of running around! Monday back to work. Wednesday after work I see the ablation cardiologist, and Thursday is my final synvisc shot, and seeing my primary. I'm racking up the co-pays!

And now to ice the knee!

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