Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Weekend!

A four day work week is finished, and we have 180 work days to go. I just figured it out, I have 735 work days til I can retire! That's four school years, including this year.

I love my new work building! It's small, all one floor, clean, and I have a huge window! The staff is very nice. I go a different way that I used to to get to work, and traffic has not been horrible. I've cleaned the office, and thrown away a lot of junk. I've talked to the administrator about an idea I have, and she's thrilled with it.

The first couple of weeks of school are always hard. I go to bed earlier and earlier, til I get adjusted to being on a schedule again. I haven't even put the serger away- it's still in the case on the kitchen floor.

We added texting to our cell phones. I never thought I'd get into texting, but it's like emailing, only on a small keyboard. Convenient for short messages.

After several days of wonderful weather, it got humid again, and the AC is back on. We've had a lazy day- slept late, went to the diner for breakfast, then home, took a nap, and laid around and read. Ralph was in the basement organizing for a while, then he and Miss Millie settled in the recliner with the TV and the laptop.

Sam and Lou are blessedly stable. Steph and Dan are celebrating the six month anniversary of going out, Manda and Ben are in Nebraska to attend a wedding, and Heather and Ed are settling in to the new house. Eddie and Julianna started school this week, and love it.

Settlement went thru on Mom Florence's townhouse, which is a big burden lifted for Ralph and Frank.

I'm reading the new C.J. Box book, "Back of Beyond". It's not one of his Joe Pickett series, but I'm enjoying it. I haven't been in the sewing room for 2 days! Too tired after being at work all day.
And the beat goes on!

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