Friday, September 2, 2011

It's September!

Staff went back to work yesterday. I went to the school I was assigned to, sat in the empty parking lot for a half hour, then called health services, who had to go find someone to track down my school. Who knew they met at the high school the first day? And wouldn't it have been nice if my letter from HR had mentioned that?

Once I got to my new assigned building, I love it. It's one floor, bright, clean, and I have a window! After 21 years working in a school, I finally have a gorgeous window! It's huge- really 3 windows next to each other, and the bottoms open! The staff were happy to see me, and very pleasant.

We're off today, which is ridiculous, but worked out, since we could take Dan and Steph to the airport. They're spending the holiday weekend with Ben and Manda in Houston.

Mom spent 36 hours in the hospital after falling- or oozing, as she called it. The did a bunch of tests, and the CT showed she has a big sinus infection, so they discharged her last night on antibiotics.

We have birthdays in September! Linda G. is the 3rd, Roseanne is the 6th, Barbara and Sharon are the 9th, Mikey is the 13, Pat the 15, Ralph the 22, and Eddie the 23.

In August I read 12 books, bringing the total for the year to 88. Of the 12, 4 were mine, either on the Nook or DTB's, bringing that total to 37 for the year. I had an eye doc appt last week, and have new glasses ordered. I knew the Rx had to be changed.

Next week Julianna starts preschool, mornings, and Eddie starts 3rd grade! Steph and Dan started back to college classes this week.

Tomorrow I have a class to learn how to use my serger, which I'm excited about. After the class, we're invited to Frank and Charlotte's for a barbecue.

I'm still crocheting, tho I did a little sewing- I hemmed 2 pair of pants for Steph.

The dogs are here for the holiday weekend. Toast had her tenth birthday yesterday! They're both curled up next to me. Sam and Lou are both stable.

And the beat goes on!

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