Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June!

I decree- the second half of the year 2010 will be better than the first half!

June- Manda will be 29 on the 8th, Jacob will be 10 on the 9th, and Manda and Ben get married!

The visiting nurse thinks the gyn will d/c the wound vac when I see her on Friday- I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The wound is now only 1 cm. deep! I saw the cardiologist today, and he took me off the meds that the ER doc had ordered. He put me on coumadin, and ordered labs for Friday. He'd like to admit me for 3 days to get me on a med to keep my heart in rhythym. What's 3 more days after all that's gone on? He'll let me know on Monday, when he gets the labs back. In the meantime, if I go back into flutter, I'm to go to Kennedy's ER so he can treat me.

I've been reading library books- series by Sara Rosett and Donna Ball. I was able to cut squares for an ABC swap that I signed up for on the HGTV website. I'm more comfortable walking around than I was before.

Stephanie got a new car! A 2007 electric blue Honda Civic with 16,000 miles on it! She seems really happy with it.

Ralph also has a new toy. A friend of my friend Barbara's had a Rascal scooter that she was looking for a good home for. Ralph went and got it, and has been tinkering with it- he charged up the batteries and spiffed it up, and has it running well.

My recliner comes Thursday- a nice, big, puffy recliner! The one Mom lent me is nice, but I want the big puffy one.

And the beat goes on!

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