Saturday, June 12, 2010


The Sunshine Club of my district nurses sent me these pretty flowers when I went out sick. They lasted for weeks! Roseanne and Barbara and Sharon also gave me flowers, but I didn't get pix of those. And I got fruit bouquets or baskets from Charlotte and Frank, Manda and Steph, Mike and Donna, and Jean, Mary Ester and Lynn. They were all enjoyed!
This is my short, easy to care for surgery haircut. The stylist called it a reverse bob. All I know is, it was/is low maintainance!
Ralph took out a drawer to sort tee shirts. Of course Miss Mill had to investigate this cool new space!
She would have stayed there and napped, but Ralph insisted on putting the drawer back.
I heard the mailman put a package on the step on Thursday. I thought it was my amazon order, til I saw it was a postal service box, and the return address was Ashley in Ky. Ashley is part of my internet group, which is called ODT (Our Daily Thread.) There's about 50 ladies on ODT, and when someone has a life changing event, someone coordinates and we make them a quilt. It never crossed my mind that they'd make me a quilt!

It's the perfect size to use on my new recliner, and it will get a lot of use! I felt wrapped in love when I was under it. I love the colors, and I love the pattern, and I love the backing. I have to take more pix of it, and one of the gorgeous label that has all the names on it.

ODT is ladies from all over the country and Australia. I've met 2 of them, and will never meet most of them. But I consider them some of my closest friends. We all post the details of our lives, from the mundane to the life changing, on our site. We've supported each other thru weddings, deaths, births, moves, and deployments. We know who's quilting, who's working, whose husbands is making them crazy! We freely dispense advise to each other, and sometimes we take the advise! We're a close group, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. If it wasn't for the internet, I wouldn't have the good fortune to know these ladies.

Ralph is working today, his second day back from Family Leave. He took 3 weeks (6 working days) family leave to be here for me. I really needed him, physically and emotionally. Up til this week I was still getting frequent meds and feeling awful at times.

And so it goes!


quiltbea said...

Its nice to follow your update. I love that you are healing nicely at last. Good luck to you.
The cat knows a good thing.
Ralph's a keeper, that's for sure.
Stay well now.

Amanda karol said...

That's one good looking quilt!


I will didn't turn out like I expected! Everyone made a block that had a blue 'star in it, with brightly colored 'other' blocks. well, I get all the blocks, and all the extra blues and color blocks everyone sent me. I decided that I had enough to make blue stars in the sashing..GREAT!

I lay it all out...looks good, I start piecing it together. And SOMEHOW...those blue stars disappeared! HOW did THAT happen??? the blue were just all too similar I think!

But if you look will see blue stars...maybe, squint a little...

that's my story! Enjoy your quilt!!