Saturday, April 17, 2010

The saga continues

My primary doc sent me back to the ER Thursday night. I have a UTI and was dehydrated, so they gave me fluids and put me on bactrim, and zofram for the nausea. This week I got for an ultrasound on Monday, and see a different doc from the gyn practice on Tuesday- I think it's past time for a fresh pair of eyes to review everything.

The antibiotic has kicked in, and I feel better that way. My hemoglobin is still only 8, so I'm going to ask for a nutrition consult. I have no appetite, which isn't helping. The gyn said the nausea, from the estrogen, should pass in a few days- easy for her to say! I'm interested to see what the other gyn has to say. I need to start getting built back up- I have things to do, as my Dad used to say.

Ralph has been doing laundry and pushing me to eat. Steph stopped over today to see how I am. I wish Heather lived closer and could go the the doc with me.

So that's the latest.

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