Saturday, April 24, 2010


Monday morning I ended up in the ER again- I woke Ralph up at 0300 and said if I didn't get to the ER I was going to die. My hemoglobin was 7, and I was dehydrated. The ER doc admitted me under medicine, with a gyn consult.

Two units of blood later, I was still 7- that's how dehydrated I was. I'd been vomiting and couldn't eat. As soon as I stopped taking the antibiotic, the nausea went away. The hospital was so full that 24 of us were held in the ER all day, and got to a room at 8 pm.

Tuesday I had a d&c, and Wednesday an ultrasound that showed 2 ovarian cysts, on the size of a golf ball- no wonder my side hurt! I got some iron IV, and was discharged Wednesday night to rest til I see the doc Wednesday. The pathology will be back then, and we'll talk options.

I'm going for the surgery. I've lost a month of my life already, and I can't do anymore. It's time to call it a day. I've only been out of the house to go to the ER and the doc's. I can read for short periods, but sewing and crocheting have no interest for me.

I want my life back!


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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh my goodness. I hope you're better soon. I understand ovarian cysts can be very painful. My daughter had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago and hasn't had a bit of trouble since.