Monday, February 3, 2014

And yet another snow day!

This makes 4 so far this school year! We haven't had 4 snow days in years- some days we haven't had a single one. It's going to be a problem- I think this puts us up til June 30, and by state law we can't get out past then. And going to school til the end of June is miserable. The kids are done learning after Memorial Day. The teachers can keep teaching, but the kids are done, and everyone is miserable. 

We got the call early, before 6 a.m. It was raining at that point. It rained, then it sleeted, then it snowed heavily, and now it's a fine snow or sleet. 

Bob the outdoor cat is getting spayed this weekend. Ralph is partitioning off a section of the porch so that we can trap Bob in there, and then he/she can recuperate in there. Bob has to be kept quiet for a few days after surgery. 

Amary comes to our house this weekend! And she's bringing her parents with her! So of course we're having a "Come meet Amary" party for friends and family. 

Since I'm off today, I made breakfast. Leftover hashed browns, and pork roll, with beaten eggs poured over them and fried up like an omelet. It's one of our favorite breakfasts, and I also make it for dinner sometimes. 

Yesterday I took Mom some of the leftover tortellini to see if she likes it. 

I've already crocheted two snowflakes this week! Ralph watched the big sport-ball (Dan's new term, I love it!) game, the only game he's watched this year. 

For my license renewal this year, I had to have CEU's on organ transplant and donation. My supervisor found us one online, that was good for 3.4 CEU's, so I finally got around to doing that on Saturday. It took less than an hour, which was great. And it was actually pretty interesting, which was a bonus. 

The only fabric I've bought recently was when I was in WA. I bought zombie fabric to make pillowcases for Steph and Dan. I made them and Ralph mailed them out. I also made them new coasters, so the Christmas coasters could be put away. I made some citrus-y, and some beachy. 

And time to change the washer load!

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