Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Savings Time

So it'll be dark in the mornings again when I get up. But we'll have light in the evenings!

Ralph is delivering Bob to be spayed. He couldn't get him in the carrier last time and had to let him go. He caught him yesterday in the have a heart trap, and kept him on the porch with an electric blanket wrapped around the trap for warmth. 

It's been a busy month! Two more snow days, and we lost spring break to make up days. We still get out June 26. 

Amary came for a visit, and brought her parents. We had a wonderful long weekend together- she's such a smiley baby! 

Steph and Dan's poor Whiskey passed. The vet thinks there was neuro damage from the many infections he had, and also thinks he was a few years older than Steph was originally told. Whiskey was a rescue, and Steph had him for almost 5 years. He had the sweetest personality, and we all mourn with Steph and Dan at his loss. 

Steph has a business trip this week, to here! She'll be in meetings at her main office, but she'll come here from Thursday til Sunday. We haven't seen her since December 27, the longest we've gone without seeing her since the day she was born! 

Julianna and Mom got a snowstorm for their birthday! Julianna wants their party next month, after the big move. 

I'm crocheting a star shaped afghan, and I had to correct the pattern in the first couple of rounds. And there is not enough of one color yarn, so I had to alter the way the colors go. I have to email Herschnerrs, where I got the kit. 

It looks like it's shaping up to be  a nice day!

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