Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Sadness

Manda's eighteen year old cat Sunshine AKA Kitten died. Friday morning. Kitten started her life here in NJ. Heather was working at our local grocery store and someone found two tiny kittens in the storeroom. Heather brought home one, and a co-worker took the other. Kitten decided Manda was her person. 

When Manda graduated college and moved to Houston, she came home and took Kitten to Houston with her, where Kitten was happy to be an only cat. She bonded with Ben during their evacuation from a hurricane, and looked to him to protect her. When they were transferred to Seattle, Kitten flew with them there. 

Kitten had a long and happy life, and died next to Manda with Manda petting her. What more can any of us ask? 

Deaths come in threes, (no matter what Ralph says), and the third was Ed and Jeanne's ancient little dog, Missy. Jeanne said even when she was deaf and almost blind, Missy knew when it was mealtime! She slept in a suitcase in the closet, and she'd emerge when it was time to eat. Missy will be missed by Ed and Jeanne. 

All the arrangements are made for Florence's viewing and funeral and burial. Her apartment is all cleaned out, and her clothes have been donated to Goodwill. We have two boxes of her "stuff" here. We were saying how sad it is that everyone has their treasures, and when they pass, what do you do with them? 

Tomorrow morning I go for visual fields testing, to make sure there's no glaucoma, then my cataract surgery can be scheduled. The doc will implant a special lens to correct the astygmatism, and give me wonderful distance vision. When the second eye is done, I won't need glasses except to read, and I'll be able to use cheaters for that! I've worn glasses all the time since 4th grade! I'll have to get my eyebrows done! I can buy sunglasses that aren't prescription! Wow! 

And the beat goes on.

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