Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stephanie is 30!

Thirty years ago today Stephanie Susan was born. She was tiny, at 7 pounds, and a few days early. We thought she'd be born on the 6th to share John's birthday, but she wanted her own birthday. Contrary and bossy, even being born! She was positioned "sunny side up" and when she decided to turn and be born, she doc almost missed it. The nurse was yelling "pant don't push" and Ralph and I were panting. 

Steph was the only baby that we didn't have a name picked out for ahead of time. Ralph wanted Alicia, and I said only if I died in childbirth. I don't remember having a favored name. After two days, the nurses gave us a name book, because she had to have a name to go home. When we got to "Stephanie" we both liked the name. Susan was because my middle name is Sue, and Ralph's grandmom's name was Susie. Stephanie Sue sounded like a country western song, so we went with Susan. At the time, the movie Grease 2 was on HBO, and all of Heather's friends thought Steph was named for the character in the movie. 

Manda was just over 2, and Stephanie was a mouthful for a toddler who didn't talk much, so she became Bepps, and she'll still answer to it. 

Steph just got her Master's Degree, Summa Cum Laude, from St. Joseph's University in Philly. It's in Fire Science and Public Safety Administration. She also got engaged this year to Dan Ruscansky, and they've set a wedding date of 10-12-14. 

They're away this weekend celebrating her birthday, and the  horde of dogs is here annoying my cats. The dogs are getting up there in years, and Toast can't do steps or jump at all. Whiskey is more limber. 

And the beat goes on! 

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