Thursday, July 11, 2013

Almost ready to go!

I fly to Sea-Tac tomorrow night! I leave Philly at 6 pm our time, and get there at 9 pm their time. It's a 6 hour flight, with a 3 hour time difference. Rebecca is picking me up at the airport, just in case. My clothes have been shipped, and I have to just take a tote bag as a carry on. 

We had a scare last night, DMIL Florence fell in the bathroom and her hip hurt, so the asst living sent her to the ER. Ralph was in the ER with her all night. The xray was negative, so they sent her back. 

I had a dead battery in my van the other night, luckily in the garage. We'd done a bunch of errands during the day, so it could have been worse. The battery was under warranty, so we didn't have to pay full price for a replacement. 

Manda, Ben and I are going to the Space Needle for brunch Saturday, unless Baby Girl arrives before then. I've been to the one in Niagra Falls, years ago, and the view was fantastic, so I'm looking forward to this. 

I'll have a social life in WA! My online friend BJ wants to meet up, and so does another casual online friend, Handie Annie. It's fun to meet up with women that I've been talking to online for years. 

I'm not a happy flier, and I haven't flown since December 2009. But 6 hours in the air vs 3 days on a train is no contest. I haven't not flown due to fear, it was due to being so sick in early 2010, then needing and getting a new knee. No word from aetna about when they and Kennedy will be dealing with each other again. 

I'm taking my iPad, Kindle, and a crochet project. My boarding pass is printed out, and I have a list of things to pack tomorrow morning. I'm as ready as I'll ever be!

And so it goes!

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