Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

It's a geek thing- Pi is 3.14, so it's celebrated on 3.14 by eating pie. Boeing is big on Pi day celebrations, which is great for morale. Manda made a cherry pie to take to work. 

We have big news! Steph and Dan got engaged on the second anniversary of their first date. It wasn't a surprise to anyone, but we're happy for them. 

My internet group has gotten me totally hooked on Castle. I'm working my way thru the seasons of episodes. It's fun watching the relationship grow between Castle and Beckett. 

This time change is awful! Yesterday I had to come home and nap. And I hate, hate, hate getting up in the dark. It's unnatural. But I do like the light after dinner. 

Ben and Manda's house hunt continues. They know there's a house for them, they'd just like to find it and get moved in before Baby Girl arrives. 

Julianna got a STAR award at school! 

I'm reading a really good book by J.A. Jance, part of her Ali Reynolds series. It's called Left for Dead, and has a lot of twists. She's one of my favorite writers. 

We're getting into sad anniversary time. Tomorrow it will be the 6th anniversary of the death of my friend Barbara's dad, and three weeks later will be the anniversary of my dad's death. I still talk to Dad, but not every day. I even have days that I don't think of him, and I thought that would never happen. 

I'm still making ruffled no crochet scarves. As fast as I make them, I give them away! They take no concentration, other than counting to 9 over and over.

Tomorrow is Friday and payday!

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