Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feeling ick.

I've been feeling blah all week, coming home and going to bed and skipping dinner. This weekend I started with a cough, and think I might have bronchitis again, so I'm taking the cough meds my doc recomments. Heather and Ed are in Florida for a long weekend at the Daytona 500. Steph went to their house Thursday, and stayed til yesterday morning. Ralph told me to keep my germs home, and he went off to watch the kids and dog til Monday morning. Good thing, all I do is sleep and cough. 

Last Saturday night Ralph, Mom and I went to Steph and Dan's for birthday cake for me. I knew Heather, Ed and the kids would be there, but it was a surprise to see Frank and Charlotte, Mike, Donna and Jacob, Sharon, Jim and their kids, Mike and Sam, and Joe and Ali and baby Joey! There were lots of munchies and a wonderful cake from Sweet Eats. 

I had taken the bag of scarves that I've made with me, so that Heather and Steph could go thru them. I had enough that every one of the ladies could have one, even the two little girls. So we looked like a festive bunch! Ralph just shakes his head, he doesn't "get" the whole scarf thing. 

The staff at work has taken to the scarves big time! And one staff member goes around arranging everyone's scarf every day, so we look like fashionistas! 

It's so totally strange being alone in the house- not even a cat! 

And the beat goes on!

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