Thursday, October 11, 2012


The week goes by much faster when it starts out with a day off! I saw Dr. Furey Monday about my foot, and he ordered an xray, but said he doesn't really think there's a fracture. By the time I saw him, the foot was feeling much better, and only painful to the touch in one small area. I ended up waiting til Tuesday and having the xray on my way home from work.

After seeing the doc, we went to Applebee's- Monday is broccoli cheese soup day! Then I went into Target for the first time since I got my new knee. I did fine walking around the store. 

Last night was Camden County School Nurses Assn. We had dinner courtesy of one of the drug companies, and an inservice on Glycemic Control. It was mainly boring, but it was good for 1.5 CEU's. I was home right before 9 pm.

Manda and Ben get in tomorrow night around 7.30. Ralph is going to the Amish Market to get dinner for them. Tonight I have to put sheets on the bed. I already raked off the kitchen table. There was about 2 weeks of mail that has to be sorted, so I put it in a bag and I'll go thru it while I watch TV. 

Saturday we leave for W. Va. for David and Juliette's wedding! Manda and Ben will ride down with Steph and Dan, and back with us. Heather and Ed will come down on Sunday, so that Ed and Jeanne will only have the kids for one night. 

I stopped at Saladworks and got us salads, which we had for dinner and we each had enough left for lunch tomorrow.

It's been getting so cold at night! We have the windows closed, the heat set at 68, and the electric blanket is on the bed. Every morning Cliffie runs to the porch door. We let her out, she goes on the porch and realizes that it's cold out there, and comes back in. 

And the beat goes on!

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