Sunday, May 27, 2012

Forty years!

Wow! Today is our 40th (ruby) anniversary! How do 40 years go by so fast? As the old saying goes, the days may drag, but the years sure fly! 

We had a little get-together at Steph and Dan's last night to celebrate. It was on fairly short notice, and a lot of the family couldn't make it. We picked up the moms, and Heather, Ed and the kids came, Charlotte, and Margie and Bob (Dan's parents). Several of Steph's friends from high school came over. We had pizza and cake, and it was such a nice evening. 

Steph enlarged and printed a bunch of pictures. One was of Ralph and I with our grandparents at the wedding reception. I am so glad we have that picture, since our grandparents have long passed away. 

And tomorrow is Memorial Day. We have a lot of Veterans. Ralph and my Dad, Uncle Pete, Bob, my friend Carol,  and my grandfather were Navy. My cousin George is retired Air Force. Rocco and Big Ed and Lou were Marines. Memorial Day is always sad for me. My Dad loved Memorial Day- he'd ride his bike in the parade every year, and he flew the flag proudly every day. Ralph and I stopped in the cemetery yesterday, and one of the Veteran's groups have flags on all the Vets graves. 

One month til I get my new knee! It's been hurting more and more, even with meds and using the cane. 

We broke down and turned on the AC yesterday. It was just to muggy to not have it on. We were able to turn it off last night, but it went back on today. Ralph just saw on the weather channel that we have a bad storm coming our way, so it'll go back off for that. 

And the beat goes on!

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