Sunday, May 20, 2012

A beautiful day!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it's in the 70's. Perfect! Of course, we're getting rain the next 3 days. I was all set to post pix, and I can't find my cable. So it'll have to wait til Ralph gets home. 

Yesterday we took the moms out for Mother's Day. My mom picked Stone Grille as our destination. The salad was really good, the chicken parm was average. Ralph got eggplant, mom got a crabcake sandwich, and mom Florence got shrimp scampi. I love their Sunday brunch, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to go to dinner there again. 

Wednesday I went to Longhorn Steakhouse with the nurses. They've recently opened in Deptford, and it was really good. You could upgrade your salad to a BLT salad, and I did. The base was sliced tomatoes, topped with greens with an almost ceaser dressing, shredding parmasean cheese, and topped with a couple of bacon slices. So good! Lynn and Jean got steaks, and Mary Ester and I got parmesean garlic chicken breasts- it was a creamy sauce. I got a baked potato with it. I brought home most of the entree because I wanted to get dessert. I got deep fried cheesecake balls over ice cream, topped with strawberry sauce- served in a huge martini glass! Everyone helped me eat it, so they could try the cheesecake. Lynn got key lime pie which looked good, and Jean stuck with plain ice cream. We're going back there next month. 

I talked to the ortho's office, and the scan of my knee came out fine, so the mold can be made. I have an appt to see the rehab partner in the group. Things are moving along!

Friday I went to a Tastefully Simple demo with Steph, at Dan's aunts house. She lives on Sesame Street! I'm so jealous! Dan's sister Barbie is the demonstrator, and she did a good job. The last TS I went to was at Sharon's, and the demo was totally inept. She never got control of the demo. Dan's mom and sister in law were there, so it was nice to see them again. 

Manda and Ben are settling into their new place. Kitten had an upset tummy, so they got her a new vet and visited him. She seems fine now, which is a huge relief. 

John plans to come for a long weekend in June, and Nick is going to come up from Dallas and meet him here! We haven't seen my nephew Nick (John's stepson) for years! He lives in Dallas with his wife and has 2 sons and a baby girl named Scarlett. I love it! 

I've been a slug- I have 3 weeks of TV that I haven't watched, and maybe crocheted a row. I've been mostly reading on the kindle and the nook. 
And so it goes!

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