Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beware the Ides of March!

Actually the Ides of March was a good day- it was payday. It was also the fifth anniversary of the death of my friend Barbara's dad. His death was a surprise- I remember how amazed she sounded when she called to tell me. Then three weeks later, I was the amazed one when I called to tell her that my dad died. 

So after several weeks of back and forth, Aetna is supposed to be paying for and sending the synvasc to my ortho. At first, they said Caremark, my prescription plan, would pay for it, which sounded reasonable to me, but what do I know. They dithered for a couple of weeks, then send a denial letter to my ortho. I started working my way up the chain of command at Aetna, and got a very nice supervisor named Carl, who contacted their legal department, and personally called me back to say Aetna would approve. Why it took so many weeks is beyond me- widespread incompetence? Apathy? So it should arrive at the ortho in a day or so. 

In the meantime, I'm using the cane and the tramadol, and doing my PT exercises. And still, every step hurts. And standing still for more than a few seconds hurts, too. 

We are so enjoying the new-to-us bed. It's one of the thicker mattresses with the pillow top, and I can't believe the difference. We had a couple of really nice days, and we had the window open all night a couple of nights, and it was great! Cliffie loved it. 

Manda and Ben and Kitten leave Houston the end of the month for Seattle. Ben's job will be in Everett, abut 20 miles away. Boeing gave them several choices of places to stay, and they decided it would be fun to live in downtown Seattle for a month and a half. They will be close to the Pike Place Market and the waterfront. They have almost a week there before Ben starts his job, so they can look for a place to live. They know several people who live in Seattle, who used to work in Houston, and Ben has an aunt and uncle in the area. 

The new iPad 3 was just released, and I was curious to see the difference between them and my iPad 2. Not enough to make me want a new one. I love the iPad 2- it lives in my sewing room, so I can check email, play WWF, and look up things while I'm in there. 

I signed up for another ABC swap on the HGTV boards. I picked the letter S, because I have some cute star fabric. Each person picks a letter, and sends to the hostess 27  6 1/2 inch squares. The hostess makes sets of them, and you get back one square for each letter- the extra square is for the hostess. It's the only swap I ever do. 

I'm reading a series called the Southern Beauty Shop Mysteries, about a Georgia hairdresser and her group of co-workers, who tend to fall over dead bodies. Nice light reads with interesting plots. I'm still crocheting a granny ripple afghan out of blues and whites. 

And so it goes!

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