Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So much going on

Life is hectic right now, and not in a good way. Work is work. We're getting close to the end of the school year, with all the paperwork that goes with it.

Heather and Ed and Eddie and Julianna made a real quick visit up, and we got to see them last night. Steph came over, and Dan came over when he finished his final, and we had pizza together and visited.

Florence is thriving in assisted living. She has friends in the same facility, so she can hang out when she wants, but have her place to retreat to. The cat seems perfectly happy- she has a nice sunny window to bird watch from. And Florence went to the Acme on the bus ran by the facility! We're so thrilled for her! (doesn't take much to make us happy).

I'm up almost every night at 0400 until 0500, then I doze off, so I'm exhausted all the time. Ralph and Steph are also not sleeping well- too much on our minds. Ralph has been doing a lot of yard work, getting rid of a lot of wood and cement pieces.

We dog sat Saturday while Steph went to a wedding in NY. Those dogs are world class nappers! of course Millie decided to go around meowing at 0400 and woke us all up, and the dogs decided they may as well go outside since we were up.

I'm working on yet another afghan, this one with all the little balls of yarn left over from the last several projects. It's just double crochet, so it doesn't require any concentration, which is good. It should be nice and warm.

I was given a Kindle DX by someone too sick to be interested in it anymore. I have it registered to me, and I've downloaded a few books that I can't get on my Nook. So I'm reading about 4 books and once, and i couldn't tell you what any of them are about.

I made 2 blocks for a block swap, but I can't put up pix of them yet. Eventually I will.
And so it goes.

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