Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Long Week

Last Sunday my cousin got really confused, so I spent the night with her. I'm too old to try to sleep in a recliner! I took Monday off, and slept part of the day, while Ralph stayed with her and her husband. I never did catch up on sleep- I'm still up for an hour or so in the middle of the night. So today I slept late and took a nap!

Manda and Ben arrived in Italy this morning, for a week with Ben's parents. It was over a 12 hour flight for them, in addition to the time changes. And Heather has started packing out of season items to the trip home. We're all so happy that they are coming back! Steph just finished day 3 of a 5 day seminar- the other two days are next week.

I guess the world didn't end at 6 pm, always a good thing.

This week is Sharon and Jim's 12th anniversary! And next week is our 39th anniversary! I don't know where the time goes.

I decided to use up all the little balls of leftover yarn. I made one afghan, just double crochet, and I still have some left! So I started scrap afghan #2. It's an easy pattern, and takes no concentration, which is good since I don't have any concentrating skills at the moment.

I DVR The View and Ellen every day, and I do manage to keep up with them, catching up over the weekend. All the other shows I like get DVR'd, and I'm way behind in watching them.

My friend Jean had brain surgery, which was scary. She had a benign tumor that was messing up her balance. The doc predicted 4-5 days in the ICU, then a week on the floor. She was out of the ICU in one day, and home in 4! Since Jean has been a nurse for over 50 years, we figure they sent her home for some peace and quiet. We love you, Jean!

And my friend Roseanne just became a grandmother for the 3rd time! Zachary was born last weekend. Her other two grandchildren live in California, so it's great for her to have him nearby.

No big plans for tomorrow. Ralph will do church with his mom, then we're having dinner with Frank and Charlotte. When we were all first married, we went to dinner together a lot. Then children and later grandchildren, and jobs, kept us busy.

Miss Millie is failing. She can't jump much, and her mouth is tender. She's about 17 now. Every time Ralph sits or lays down, she's right there on him. Getting old stinks, whether you're a person or a cat.

And so it goes.

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