Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1

237 days til Christmas! Spring break is now over, and we go back to work tomorrow. I hope being off settled the kids down a little. I was busy over break- spent some time with Sam, dog sat for a day, finished an afghan and started another, and I sewed! Just two blocks, but it felt good. I also cleaned off the sewing machine table, and the work table.

I read 9 books in April, 4 from the library and 5 either from my Nook or from my bookshelf.

Mom Florence and her cat go to Assisted Living tomorrow. We're all hoping she likes it, since she can't live alone anymore. Mom Mary Jane is having in home physical therapy.

The Royal Wedding- I didn't watch it live, but I saw several replays of it. It's amazing how many people from all over the world went to London to watch it. I loved the hats- The View ladies and Oprah did wedding shows complete with hats.

This is cleaning lady week, which always make me happy!
And the beat goes on!

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