Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

We're off for the next week! The kids at school really need the time off. Food fights are starting, and they just need a break from school. As do the staff.

It was nice and warm, in the 80's, and now it's chilly again, and overcast. I never listen to the weather, I just call Mom and she gives me a report. She's got the TV on constantly, which would annoy me, but I think she uses it like I use the CD player, for background.

Easter dinner will be at Mike and Donna's. I have to go food shopping this morning. My contributions will be mini hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls, roasted vegtables (Steph's favorite), a new potato casserole that I want to try, and a new trifle that I want to try. Our family dinners are great places to try out recipes, because there's so much food that if one thing isn't good, it can be avoided. Steph is going to make a vegan dish.

I'm still having nights of not sleeping well, so by the end of the week I'm so tired that I go to bed around 7. Both doc's agree that it's hormonal, but since I go right to sleep I don't want to take anything. And I don't want to take anything when I wake up at 4 a.m. because I have to get up at 6.30.

My goal for the week off it to get one of my flimsies up on the longarm and get it quilted. And to clean at least one closet. Sam has been wanting to go to Wegman's, and it's a place I've never been, so we're going to do that one day.

Steph is bringing Dan to Easter dinner. We've met him twice, and he reminds me of Ralph, which is a good thing. Heather and Ed and the kids will have dinner at their house, and Easter Monday Ed, Jeanne, Michelle and her three girls are going to NC for 4 days to visit. Ben is working the next launch, so Ben and Manda have to be in Houston over Easter. I haven't asked my Mom yet what she's doing Sunday. She said the other week that she doesn't feel up to going to Mike's.

The crocheting continues- I finished the purple afghan, and started on a multicolored baby afghan. The quilting patterns I want are all organized and stored, and the rest of the magazines went out in the recycling.

And my spring cleaning is being done! This week Sharon did all the windows, and what a difference! Last year I was too sick, and last fall didn't feel like it. Ralph said that having the house cleaned every other week has made him more aware of cleaning up after himself- I should have hired her years ago!

And the beat goes on!

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