Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday

I had the urge to sew, but didn't want to start a quilt. I needed instant gratification, so I got out the fabric that I had bought at Joann's Fabrics that is smocked at the top. You just sew the side seam and put straps on the sundress. I had enough pieces to make 3 sundresses for Julianna. Two are pink and the Princesses (they're different) and one is blue and is Tinkerbell. Miss Millie heard that I was sewing, and decided I needed supervision.
She acts as my quality control officer. As she's gotten older- she's about 17 now- she doesn't (usually) wrap herself up in the pieces.
She didn't understand why I didn't want her to lay on the piece that I'm actually sewing on. I'm OK with her laying on the finished or not started pieces.
We moved TV's around. I wanted the bigger screen with the DVR in the sewing room, so we took that from the bedroom, where it was rarely used. The sewing room TV went in the kitchen, and the kitchen TV went downstairs to Ralph's office/computer room.
Millie was so tired from helping me sew, that she moved into the bedroom and did her doorstop imitation.
Another night, she was keeping Ralph company while he watched TV.
She likes to lay on the arm of the recliner. She's decided that for the most part, she's Ralph's cat.
This is the book I'm reading from the library. It's about number 5 in a series, and takes place at the shore in NJ.
This is the quilt that's on our bed. It was one of the first quilts that I ever made, and I love the bright colors.
This is a close up of some of the colors.
This is a baby sized afghan in the granny stripe pattern that I just finished. I had some of the soft yarn that I wanted to use up. It doesn't have a destination yet.
This is a full sized afghan, double crochet worked in the back loop. I'm taking it with me to NC, for Ed and Heather. The brown/cream yarn reminds me of the beach, so I did wider strips of that alternating with the soft white. It's long enough to snuggle under- not that it's cool enough to want an afghan over you at the moment.

Summer is winding down. When I didn't work for almost 3 months, I was too sick to enjoy being home. I'll be 15 weeks postop this Thursday, and generally feeling good. I'm not lifting anything very heavy yet. I figure it'll be December before I'm back to my normal. I just have some little issues at the moment.

It's already getting dark earlier, and light later.

Ben and Manda got new cell phones, and when she described them to me I wanted one. I want to become a cell phone user. (My children can stop laughing any time now). Ralph and I were due for new phones, so we went Saturday morning to the Verizon store and got 2 Ally's. Boy one, get one free, and a good rebate. I even got a bluetooth reciever, and we got a car charger. The phones are just so cool- we've been playing with apps and backgrounds. We can get Google email on the phone, and when we figure out how, we can get facebook. We still need to set up our voicemails. We put every phone number in our address book into the phones. And we have Ben and Manda for tech support.

Our newlyweds have been married six weeks! The wedding pictures should be available this week from the photographer, and I'm so eager to see them.

I got my letter from school. We go back September 1, and the kids come in September 2. I'll got in the last week of August to set up the computer, and go thru the piles that will be in my mailbox. Much as I love summer, I'm looking forward to a new school year, and feeling good.

And the beat goes on!


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