Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One week

One week to go til I leave for Mill Creek! I just booked Rapid Rover for pick up and delivery, and I have my list of things to not forget. I won't pack til the day I leave. 

I still have things to do- mainly, quilt Baby Boy's quilt. He's due Aug 18, and Manda is huge. Second pregnancies are harder, since you're chasing around the result of the first pregnancy. Amary hugs and kisses Manda's belly, but I don't think she has any real idea of what's going on. 

We saw them in March, for 2 days. We haven't seen Steph and Dan since early December! 

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe's and Bath and Bodyworks. They have the cutest line of vineyard inspired hand soap, in bottles shaped like wine bottles. And they have fall themed soaps and lotions. And I had a retail me not coupon! 

Our county library does the coolest thing. Every month they have a list up of all the books they've bought that month. I use it to make a list of books I want to read. Some months are a bust, but some months they have tons of good stuff.

It's still hot, 90 every day. The weather pornographers say the heat wave should break soon- probably as soon as I leave for WA. 

And now to get tuit!

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