Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

If we liked Mexican food, we'd celebrate! But since Ralph can't eat beans, and I don't like spicy food, we stay home. 

We had a busy weekend. Friday I saw ortho and set the date for my other knee replacement, July 30. Saturday I got dinner going in the crockpot, then started cleaning in the bedroom. I organized Ralph's closet by putting the dress clothes that he hardly ever wears in the rear top rack, and found a shirt he'd been looking for in the process. I pulled out the old scrubs, which he decided to get rid of. And I rehung his shirts so they all face the same way.

Then I did my closet and bureau, putting everything that's too big or too ugly in a mountain. I also pulled out all the wire coat hangers to toss. From there I moved into the alcove, where I spent a lot of the afternoon. I had a bag of trash, a bag of recyclables, and a bag of shreds, plus a pile for Ralph to go thru. 

Sunday we went grocery shopping, then out to lunch at Longhorn with Frank and Charlotte and Doris. Then back to work! I cleaned off the top of the armoire, and worked on the shelves in the alcove. I'm almost done. 

I had to stop my cleaning streak to go to work today, and we had errands after work, then I ran out of steam and started playing on the computer. 

I'm hoping to be motivated to continue cleaning this weekend. The areas I did look so nice!

I finished Amary's star shaped afghan, and started one in greens and white for the Farm Fair donation afghan. 

And the beat goes on!

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